SmallSockets: A lightweight Objective-C Cocoa wrapper for BSD sockets on Mac OS X
by Steven Frank

The purpose of this library is to provide an extremely lightweight Objective-C Cocoa interface to BSD sockets.

Other such libraries exist, such as The Omni Group's excellent OmniNetworking framework. However, OmniNetworking may be more overhead than you want if you are not using the remainder of the Omni Frameworks.

The goal of SmallSockets is to provide a complete and robust sockets wrapper in as few files as practical, with no dependencies on anything other than what comes on the Mac OS X Developer CD.

Full source code, as well as sample applications, is included.


You can download, submit bugs, make feature suggestions, and so on, at the SmallSockets Home Page on SourceForge

Current version: 0.6.0 (October 21, 2001) [Download]

Who's using SmallSockets?

If you're using SmallSockets in an application, email me to get on this list!

manThor by Stefan Lange-Hegermann


SmallSockets is copyright © 2001 Steven Frank

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